Release Week and Interview with Sadie Dane!


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Hey guys and gals! This week we celebrate with Sadie Dane, author-extraordinaire for her new release this week:

Romance book cover for ebook
To tell you a little about it, here’s the summary:

Sir Edward Caldwell is not the type of knight to entertain notions of love. He has seen how little it takes to break a vow, and refuses to ever end up the fool. So when he’s ordered to protect a visiting princess, he seizes the opportunity to add a royal notch to his bedpost. What he never expected was that the princess would be just as much of a player as he is.

Princess Lotte has mere weeks before her arranged marriage is to take place and, despite her personal guard’s wishes, plans to spend that time experiencing everything life has to offer. Luckily, fate sends her just the knight for the job. But when she finds herself over his knee, with her heart on her sleeve, she realizes she’s playing a dangerous game – without knowing the rules

And now, why don’t we get to know the author a little better! An interview with Sadie Dane:
What was your inspiration to write the first of these Knights? 

Knights were always one of my favorite romantic leads. Maybe I have Richard Gere to thank for that. I wanted to write a story that was historical and fun, an enjoyable read that is a little silly and a little sexy.

Do you have a favorite character you’ve written so far?

I should say no and that I love them all the same, or perhaps I should choose which of the men I think is the sexiest, but instead I will be honest, Ole Floppy is by far my most favorite character. I tried to add him into every Loving the Knight story.

What’s your favorite part of writing this series?

I had a lot of fun after the first one bringing the characters back. In a sense, some of the hard work was done for me since they already had their story and those who read the earlier books will know who they are. You don’t need to read the earlier books but I definitely think that those who have will get more out of the scenes.

What question do you wish you were asked more?

I have no idea. I am new in my publishing journey so I haven’t been asked a lot or enough to evaluate the questions but I do enjoy interaction with readers. So I guess I wish I was asked more questions from readers.

What’s next for you? What can your readers look forward to?

I am currently in the middle of a story that I hope to finish in the coming weeks. It is still an erotic romance but I have taken a step away from knights and landed into a secret society. It centers on a young woman who was chosen to be a member of a secret society, a great honor that comes with a high price. A price the young woman doesn’t want to pay.

And with that I strongly encourage everyone to check out this series. It’s a great historical erotica story with wonderful characters that will grab you and suck you in. So without delay, I present you with links!



Blushing Books

Barnes & Noble


Blushing Books - Book Cover


Blushing Books

Barnes & Noble


Blushing Books

Barnes & Noble

Blushing Books - Book Cover


Another Sat Spanks!

Another fun and naughty *wink* Saturday with links to many great authors and blogs and lots of opportunities to find new reading material!

This week the excerpt was allowed longer so I present to you the first of many times that Khalil the Djinn’s true desires were tested. From Djinn’s Desire:


Daphne seemed startled and her face turned red again as she led Khalil down the hall to her apartment. The moment they walked in and shut the door behind them, the shy girl from behind the counter was gone. There was no reluctance, no contemplating what anyone thought of her, no responsibility to behave as others expected her to. She stood tall and straight and turned around to face him.

“I really need a shower before I start cooking. You won’t mind, will you?” Even the tone of her voice had changed and it had a warmth and smoothness that dug into Khalil’s bones, exciting him.

He held his hand out to her and when she took it, he pulled her close to him. He didn’t want to let her go in that moment, only half-thinking of the trinket that was now just inches away. “I won’t mind, so long as you take me with you.”

She bit her lip and pulled away, looking back over her shoulder as more of her playful nature was revealed. “You’d best hurry up.”


And I leave you with that little peek at our two main characters, if you’d like to read more, it’s available over at Blushing Books, Amazon and B&N.

One more peek at the pretty cover! (Just so I can look at it again too *wink*)




Saturday Spankings!


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Hi everyone!

So a newfound friend over at Blushing Books, Patty Devlin, pointed me towards joining in the fun at Saturday Spankings and I intend to do just that. *wink*

Instructions are as follows, those participating post 8 or less sentences of their work on their blogs for your awesome entertainment. Without further ado, read on to my entry in the blog hop and go see the others, maybe find a new author to love!


An excerpt from recently published Djinn’s Desire:


      “Yes, you did. That’s why I’ll give you your punishment with your pants on this time.”

      “What?!” She squeaked again just as he brought his hand down on the upturn of her ass.

     “One.” He said, waiting to see if she would tell him to stop. By the way she wriggled in his lap, though, he doubted it.


And with that I send you on to the rest of the blog hop! I hope you enjoyed my little contribution and visit again soon *smiles*

Check out the rest of the participants!

Year’s End, New Events


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Hey ladies and gents,

So we find ourselves at the end of another year. Most people are currently running around trying to get all the holiday chaos straightened out or, at least, trying to survive it. For writers, some are having a heck of a time trying to make more hours in the day and as much as we want to, it`s inevitable that it can’t be done. My blog postings have fallen to the wayside with said chaos but will come back soon, hopefully for the better and far more frequent!

Saturday I`ll be joining a blog list with fun excerpts so definitely check back then and also check out some of the authors both on my list and on the event list, never know when you might find the next great author you love!

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and take care to all the readers out there, hope this week passes by with the best of times for you all.


Post-Release Interview with Sadie Dane!


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Hey everyone,

Today I bring you something special!Pursued by the Knight

An interview with a great author after her spanking new release over at Blushing Books. I give you, Sadie Dane, talking about her book, Pursued by the Knight.

Currently, as of this post, Pursued by the Knight has entered the top 50 on Blushing Books Bestseller list and is at #35 so congratulations Sadie!

And now, onto the interview!

1. So this is your first solo book release for Blushing Books, what inspired this particular story? 

Pursued by the Knight began as a short story for the anthology, A Spank In Time 2; The Spanks You Missed. Once that was written and published I realized I wasn’t done with Georgianna or Braden.

2. Tell us a bit about your stars of the story, Georgianna? Lisben? Braden? 

Georgianna begins the story as a quintessential princess. I love her transformation, learning her strengths and mostly learning that she has a voice and can be more than a pretty face.

Lisben, well, he stays Lisben, snotty, cruel and entitled. But, there is something fun about writing mean princes.

Braden, our sexy male lead was probably the easiest for me to write. There is just something amazing about alpha males who get it and you done.

 3. What’s your favorite scene in Pursued by the Knight?

The sexy scenes are always fun and there are a fair share of those but I think by far my favorite scene is on a lonely stretch of road when Georgianna has a conversation with a horse. There is no better listener than an animal and I think in that scene Georgianna reveals something about herself that is very heartbreaking.

 4. You’ve written several stories and I know you’re working on others, what are your favorite types of scenes to write? 

I write in a number of other genres and under different names but I think no matter what I am writing I love scenes with big action and big emotion. I’m just as happy when bullets are flying and knives are twirling through the air as I am when tears are falling and people are baring their souls.

5. Give us 2 things that you think readers will just love about this tale.

This feels a little arrogant, “Oh look at this thing that I did, you will just love it!” Instead, I’ll say two things I loved and hope you agree J

First and foremost I love the romance. I love putting two people who have every reason not to be together except for their love for each other. That type of love is magical to write and I think, to read.

Secondly, beyond Georgianna and Braden and their love affair I enjoyed my secondary characters, human and animal alike. There are funny and sweet moments that would not have been possible without them.


Thank you Sadie Dane and Good Luck with your book sales and future works! It truly is a wonderful story and for anyone wanting a medieval romp in the hay with some great characters, do look into this.

Pursued by the Knight is now available at Blushing Books here.

Available on Amazon soon. (Will update this post for that link when it goes live.)

Sadie can be found at her blog, her twitter, and her facebook page. She also takes part in the interactive faux-erotica ongoing tale of Milly and Slayde over at Humpday Erotica.


New Release — Djinn’s Desire


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Hi everyone!

So Big News, today is the release day of the new sekrit project! I present to you:


If you like the cover as much as I did, I’ll give you time to drool over it *waits…*  Ok!! Here’s the blurb from the site:

Khalil, an age old Djinn, has searched for the key to his freedom for years. He finds it hanging round the neck of a coffee shop girl he has fancied for weeks. For a demon, recovering such a trinket should be easy, but even Djinn can be fools in love. He decides to let her keep it, thinking all would be well. But when a rival Djinn comes calling, he must protect what he holds dear, or lose both his love and his freedom forever.

 Djinn’s Desire is an erotic urban fantasy set in our world where Djinn live among us in secret. Each one seeks their freedom, but to do that they have to find their lamp, in whatever form it comes in.  Khalil is one such being. This is his story of finding what he seeks and more, things that he didn’t expect; a possibility of love, and the danger of losing everything. Djinn’s Desire will leave you wishing for more wishes, which isn’t allowed. Or is it?

Want to see more of the world of the Djinn? Visit the Pinterest board here.

Djinn’s Desire is now available on Blushing Books.

Now available at Amazon.


Humpday Erotica Installment Up


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Hi peoples,

The newest installment is up over at Humpday Erotica! If you’ve been following the story, go check out what’s happening next with Milly and Slayde.  If you haven’t, you’re missing out on a fun little project we’re doing, so take quick peek, it’s only 69 words, comment, laugh, have some good-humored fun with erotica and romance and it’s favorite tropes and themes 🙂


For Those Historical Romance Erotica Buffs!


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Today I bring news of a recent release by one of my naughty neighbors! P.J. Perryman’s new book, A Bride for Lord Esher was just released and as of today is up on Amazon just waiting to be gobbled up by anyone wanting a little history, a little romance and more than a little erotica.

Her blog here explains directly from the author herself.

Buy it at Blushing Books or Amazon!



New Projects, New stories


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So I tweeted this morning a link to Humpday Erotica and thought I’d explain a little more about it.

First, it involves a few friends and I, including Sadie Dane, P.J. Perryman, and A.T. Quinn, all of us from the writing group Blushing Mischief at some point or another which started off as an experiment in writing multi-author anthologies. It did and continues to do well! We love it and work well with each other and continue to do so in multiple ways thus the new project.

Rather than a serious anthology this time, we wanted to do something fun and for giggles. So what is it? Humpday Erotica is everything that’s in romance and erotica taken to the extremes and thrown out of whack. It’s over-the-top and will change from week to week with the whims of the writers. Speaking of the four of us, we won’t even know what comes up 😉  from week to week. And with a very small word limitation (69 words max) it’ll be a surprise for readers and the next writer alike!

Feel free to join us there at our new round-robin, by-the-seat-of-our-pants fun! Will it be a soap opera this week? Maybe comedy with action thrown in! Who knows until you come and find out. Read, comment, spread the word if you like it, we hope that you’ll have as much of a blast as we will.