Hi to all that visits this little blog!

For the longest time I haven’t had anything to post here (though I probably should have flashed something here *wink* ) but that’s all in the past now.

All the work done near the end of 2012 has paid off and there’ll be naughty – and fun – news to post here very soon!

I won’t say exact details yet, to leave the surprise our dirty little secret, but it’ll be revealed in good time and with several others that you  may be interested in as well.  More the merrier is always a good thing 😉

For now it’s time to celebrate what the new year brings and any new friends and loves we make and look forward to what’s coming in 2013, it looks to be a nice little year if January is any indication. So follow here, follow my fellow author’s blogs over to the side and feel free to latch onto our Twitters for up to date news or just for fun.

Wishing you all as good and yummy of a new year as we’re looking forward to!