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In honor of Blushing Mischief’s ‘A Spank In Time’s’  release day, we thought we would give you a little look into just who you’ll find within it’s pages of delight. 

Without wasting a moment, I’ll let Vanora and Kinnon speak for themselves from their own home, enjoy!


Vanora: First question, Kinnon. What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Kinnon: *smirks* My sword of course, isn’t she a beauty?

Vanora: *ignoring the smirk* What is your most marked characteristic?

Kinnon: Why, my big-

Vanora: Kinnon!

Kinnon: What? I was going to say muscles. Gods, what a mind you have.

Vanora: Uh-huh. And your greatest regret?

Kinnon: Hmm, haven’t run into it yet.

Vanora: Which talent would you most like to have?

Kinnon: Talent? I have many talents, but I think I would most like to cook. You know those fancy meals you can get in the pubs? Yes, definitely cooking.

Vanora: *mumbling* Of course, a talent with your stomach. And the quality you most like in a man?

Kinnon: Strength. Of will, of heart, of muscle, any of them will make them a good brother-in-arms.

Vanora: Okay, and in a woman?

Kinnon: The same…and a nice, round-

Vanora: Kinnon! Really, you big brute, can you not behave for a moment in time?

Kinnon: Fine, fine, what else?

Vanora: What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

Kinnon: My apparent inability to withstand blows to the head. Now THAT would be a talent to have. 

Vanora: I hate to ask this one, but what do you consider the most overrated virtue?

Kinnon: A lot of virtues are overrated, pride for one, can get you killed more often than not.

Vanora: Alright then, on what occasions do you lie?

Kinnon: When the truth can get me killed or worse.

Vanora: Last one, if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Kinnon: I’m really considering that cooking talent, but for now *scoops up Vanora, holding her to him* Now, since I played nice and answered all your questions-

Vanora: Nice…is that what you call it?

Kinnon: Yes, I do. Now it’s time for us to have an interview, in private. No questions.

Vanora: *waves as Kinnon kicks the door shut*


*ahem* And that is the end of our moment with the people from Rules of  Engagement, just one tale in this fantastic collection.

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And without further ado, published by Blushing Books and written by Blushing Mischief’s group of talented authors, we present to you, A Spank In Time.

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Now available at Blushing Books.