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Hey Ladies and Gents!

New news and happenings to report:

Blushing Mischief’s new release has made it into the top 30 on Blushing Books bestseller list for the past month! *pause for celebration, passes drinks*

Our anthology is also now available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Spank in Time Cover_edited-1

Now also, in celebration for all the good news, I’m posting the sample of my part of this book, “Rules of Engagement.”  Other samples can be found here.


Kinnon’s head hit the dirt. The pain was ringing between his ears, drowning out the noise of the battle around him. Any strength he had left to grip his weapon disappeared. The last thing he felt was the grass on his cheek before his vision went black and he slipped into unconsciousness.

The memory of that grass against his skin was replaced by the feeling of someone’s hand slapping his face.

“C’mon, you brute. Wake up!”

The urge to fall asleep again almost sucked Kinnon back down until another slap woke him up again. He grunted, turning his head slightly, if only to dodge another slap before it happened.

“That’s it, open your eyes. You’ve been out for days.”

Kinnon frowned but tried to force his eyes to open, if only to find who was hitting him and make their life extremely short. The hazy blur he saw was enough to make him shut them tight again as his stomach lurched.

“Keep still. You got a nasty crack on your head and you need to rest.”

That much Kinnon understood. He’d seen plenty of head wounds in the past, so he knew the normal instructions for handling such things. But who had found him? He tried to remember and found the details fuzzy, making him struggle with them. There had been a battle. He’d been wounded and had fallen on the field. But there weren’t any settlements near the battlefield, were there?


So who dare give several sharp smacks and wake a wounded Highlander?   And what about the story of timeless Paris?  Maybe a tale right out of the military or the story of one new bride? A serving girl and aristocrat, or maybe just the troubles with a life of luxury?

No matter which story interests you, we of Blushing Mischief guarantee you a spanking good time *wink*