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Hello everyone!

Today we have a wicked little treat, I have with me here P.J. Perryman, who some of you may know on Twitter as @PattiSparkles, wearer of the sparkly knickers. In honor of her latest release, “Drench the Wench,” I’ve interviewed her to let you all know a little more about the writer behind the naughtiness. *wink*

So P.J. the question on everyone’s mind, how exactly did those sparkly knickers get so amazingly sparkly?

I have a secret. It’s not my knickers that sparkle, it’s the naughtiness within. One day when I was in my late teens, I exposed myself and it was like a super nova blasting out of my down-belows. Like Superman I thought it best kept a secret, but at last the time has come…

Now that is an image to remember *smirk* What first gave you the idea to start all the fantastic stories in Drench the Wench?

Well, we all grew up with Harry Potter, of course, and I love, love, love renaissance fairs. Every time I’d pass the Drench The Wench tank I’d almost wet myself giggling at some of the comments those girls make. So I started with the first story and showed a friend. He thought my naughtiness was super wicked, and suggested I write some more for his publication. As it happened, Blushing Books came along and well, the rest was just magic.

How about your favorite character and why?

I’m in love with Whipgood. I can’t think about my darling gay harpy without smiling. That whole story was inspired by the thought of him descending on an abandoned theatre stage, all alone, reading naughty poetry to an empty house. I don’t think it’s the last we’ll hear about that naughty boy as he’s in my blood, and it’s true love.

Aw, he was lovely! I adored him when I read his story too. What do you think the hardest part about writing in this genre is?

Reinventing the sex, making it fun. I love my readers. I want them to be entertained, and if the sex gets stale, what then? They’ll be coming after me with pitchforks demanding ‘More perky sex!’

That’s definitely something we all want to avoid lol  

You also had a featured story in “A Spank in Time” released last month, tell our readers something about that one? And are there any other stories that will be floating around out there soon?

My story in ‘A Spank In Time,’ was ‘A Parisian Dance.’ At night when we close our eyes, we all see the man or woman of our fantasies. Enri represents the naughty man of my dreams. Strong, powerful, knows what he wants, perhaps a little insecure. In the story I mentioned his hands. Well-defined, manicured hands are a big thing for me – know what I’m saying? Wink.

And what, praytell, are the future goals and plans of P.J. Perryman so our readers can have something to look forward to?

I love to write. I love fantasy. Some writers talk about voices, but my characters dance in my head and tease me, goading me until I release them on paper. They are a big part of who I am and I love them.

Blushing Mischief will soon be releasing a new anthology titled, ‘The Thrill of the Hunt.’ I have two stories in that one, “Inari,” (which is a personal favorite,) and ‘Witches Book of the Dead.’ Blushing Books have asked me to turn ‘Witches Book of the Dead’ into a full-length novel and I’m working on that now. After that, possibly ‘Drench The Wench, Part 2.’ Whipgood’s already demanding another chance to dazzle, and my werewolf Moonstone will howl at the moon until he’s reunited with his love.

Anything else you’d like to shout out there to the internet?

I love you, Kit. The writing itself is a lone-wolf exercise. But there’s nothing so fabulous as the support of true friends. So I’d like my last shout to be for you, and for the lovely readers who read and enjoy my stories.


Aw *blushes* and that was an insight into a very special friend of mine, P.J. Perryman, a great writer of many naughty things, all tons of fun, all filled with major hotness. So with that in mind, I hope you’ll check out her latest release from Blushing Books, an anthology of her own creation full of characters you will fall in love with:


Now Available at Blushing Books and Amazon