Published by Blushing Books, written by Blushing Mischief, I hereby present to you:


A Spank in Time II: The Spanks You Missed

A sequel to A Spank in Time, A Spank in Time II is another anthology with stories from all the great authors in our group. The blurb is as follows:

Hot on the heels of the success of ‘A Spank in Time,’ the writers of Blushing Mischief have done it again. ‘The Spanks You Missed (Spank in Time 2)” is another collection of six sizzling historical spankers, designed to make you blush both above and below.

In “One Hard Rescue” – A private detective is asked to rescue a stubborn daughter from a mob hit with explosive results.

“The Soft Breeze of the Nile” – A high-ranking courtesan, bound unhappily to the Pharaoh, seeks solace in the arms of a palace architect.

“When in Rome” – Where a slave girl uses blackmail to barter for her freedom, but the price her Roman Master asks is the pleasure of her body.

“Subdued by the Knight” – A knight’s jealousy leads to sensual chastisement when he spots his lover kissing her official betrothed.

“Spank and Deliver” – On the brink of starvation, a husband and wife team discovers that highway robbery can bring fresh sparks to their love life.

“Painting Venus” – An artist, taunted by the model sitting for his masterpiece reminds her there is a price to pay before she gets the thing she wants.

With tons of spanking and naughty antics galore, you will love this latest collection. “The Spanks You Missed,” don’t YOU miss it!

A Spank in Time II: The Spanks You Missed

A Spank in Time: The original the started it all

The Thrill of the Hunt – For our paranormal lovers out there


So, give it a try, see what you like, check out the others, and in a few days I’ll be writing another post about a work-in-progress!