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So I tweeted this morning a link to Humpday Erotica and thought I’d explain a little more about it.

First, it involves a few friends and I, including Sadie Dane, P.J. Perryman, and A.T. Quinn, all of us from the writing group Blushing Mischief at some point or another which started off as an experiment in writing multi-author anthologies. It did and continues to do well! We love it and work well with each other and continue to do so in multiple ways thus the new project.

Rather than a serious anthology this time, we wanted to do something fun and for giggles. So what is it? Humpday Erotica is everything that’s in romance and erotica taken to the extremes and thrown out of whack. It’s over-the-top and will change from week to week with the whims of the writers. Speaking of the four of us, we won’t even know what comes up 😉  from week to week. And with a very small word limitation (69 words max) it’ll be a surprise for readers and the next writer alike!

Feel free to join us there at our new round-robin, by-the-seat-of-our-pants fun! Will it be a soap opera this week? Maybe comedy with action thrown in! Who knows until you come and find out. Read, comment, spread the word if you like it, we hope that you’ll have as much of a blast as we will.