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Hi everyone!

So Big News, today is the release day of the new sekrit project! I present to you:


If you like the cover as much as I did, I’ll give you time to drool over it *waits…*  Ok!! Here’s the blurb from the site:

Khalil, an age old Djinn, has searched for the key to his freedom for years. He finds it hanging round the neck of a coffee shop girl he has fancied for weeks. For a demon, recovering such a trinket should be easy, but even Djinn can be fools in love. He decides to let her keep it, thinking all would be well. But when a rival Djinn comes calling, he must protect what he holds dear, or lose both his love and his freedom forever.

 Djinn’s Desire is an erotic urban fantasy set in our world where Djinn live among us in secret. Each one seeks their freedom, but to do that they have to find their lamp, in whatever form it comes in.  Khalil is one such being. This is his story of finding what he seeks and more, things that he didn’t expect; a possibility of love, and the danger of losing everything. Djinn’s Desire will leave you wishing for more wishes, which isn’t allowed. Or is it?

Want to see more of the world of the Djinn? Visit the Pinterest board here.

Djinn’s Desire is now available on Blushing Books.

Now available at Amazon.