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Hey everyone,

Today I bring you something special!Pursued by the Knight

An interview with a great author after her spanking new release over at Blushing Books. I give you, Sadie Dane, talking about her book, Pursued by the Knight.

Currently, as of this post, Pursued by the Knight has entered the top 50 on Blushing Books Bestseller list and is at #35 so congratulations Sadie!

And now, onto the interview!

1. So this is your first solo book release for Blushing Books, what inspired this particular story? 

Pursued by the Knight began as a short story for the anthology, A Spank In Time 2; The Spanks You Missed. Once that was written and published I realized I wasn’t done with Georgianna or Braden.

2. Tell us a bit about your stars of the story, Georgianna? Lisben? Braden? 

Georgianna begins the story as a quintessential princess. I love her transformation, learning her strengths and mostly learning that she has a voice and can be more than a pretty face.

Lisben, well, he stays Lisben, snotty, cruel and entitled. But, there is something fun about writing mean princes.

Braden, our sexy male lead was probably the easiest for me to write. There is just something amazing about alpha males who get it and you done.

 3. What’s your favorite scene in Pursued by the Knight?

The sexy scenes are always fun and there are a fair share of those but I think by far my favorite scene is on a lonely stretch of road when Georgianna has a conversation with a horse. There is no better listener than an animal and I think in that scene Georgianna reveals something about herself that is very heartbreaking.

 4. You’ve written several stories and I know you’re working on others, what are your favorite types of scenes to write? 

I write in a number of other genres and under different names but I think no matter what I am writing I love scenes with big action and big emotion. I’m just as happy when bullets are flying and knives are twirling through the air as I am when tears are falling and people are baring their souls.

5. Give us 2 things that you think readers will just love about this tale.

This feels a little arrogant, “Oh look at this thing that I did, you will just love it!” Instead, I’ll say two things I loved and hope you agree J

First and foremost I love the romance. I love putting two people who have every reason not to be together except for their love for each other. That type of love is magical to write and I think, to read.

Secondly, beyond Georgianna and Braden and their love affair I enjoyed my secondary characters, human and animal alike. There are funny and sweet moments that would not have been possible without them.


Thank you Sadie Dane and Good Luck with your book sales and future works! It truly is a wonderful story and for anyone wanting a medieval romp in the hay with some great characters, do look into this.

Pursued by the Knight is now available at Blushing Books here.

Available on Amazon soon. (Will update this post for that link when it goes live.)

Sadie can be found at her blog, her twitter, and her facebook page. She also takes part in the interactive faux-erotica ongoing tale of Milly and Slayde over at Humpday Erotica.