Another fun and naughty *wink* Saturday with links to many great authors and blogs and lots of opportunities to find new reading material!

This week the excerpt was allowed longer so I present to you the first of many times that Khalil the Djinn’s true desires were tested. From Djinn’s Desire:


Daphne seemed startled and her face turned red again as she led Khalil down the hall to her apartment. The moment they walked in and shut the door behind them, the shy girl from behind the counter was gone. There was no reluctance, no contemplating what anyone thought of her, no responsibility to behave as others expected her to. She stood tall and straight and turned around to face him.

“I really need a shower before I start cooking. You won’t mind, will you?” Even the tone of her voice had changed and it had a warmth and smoothness that dug into Khalil’s bones, exciting him.

He held his hand out to her and when she took it, he pulled her close to him. He didn’t want to let her go in that moment, only half-thinking of the trinket that was now just inches away. “I won’t mind, so long as you take me with you.”

She bit her lip and pulled away, looking back over her shoulder as more of her playful nature was revealed. “You’d best hurry up.”


And I leave you with that little peek at our two main characters, if you’d like to read more, it’s available over at Blushing Books, Amazon and B&N.

One more peek at the pretty cover! (Just so I can look at it again too *wink*)