Books and Anthologies

SIT photo thumb_2281_spankintime150x225_72dpi_zps07c9c79e.jpg     Travel back in time with “A Spank in Time”. Six very talented writers, all new to Blushing Books, have joined forces and created Blushing Mischief, a new group dedicated to writing the steamiest new stories. Their first offering is a collection of six beautifully-written stories.
     You will enjoy ‘A Parisian Night’, where passions light up after dancing and brandy on the verandah, or ‘The Wedding Night,’ when a new bride truly learns what it means to blush.
     In ‘The Rules of Engagement’ a strong Highlander is drawn to a proud, lonely woman, and in ‘Corporal Punishment’ we learn that sometimes the secrets we keep can get us into trouble.
     ‘Parting Charity’ tells the story about love lost and found again between a rich aristocrat and the serving girl who left him behind, while     
     ‘A Good Life’ shows that a life of luxury doesn’t always have love to go with it.
     Read ‘A Spank in Time,’ and try not to blush – too much.  ‘A Spank in Time’, contains erotic spanking and BDSM context in a historical context.


SIT 2 photo thumb_2395_Spank_in_Time_II_cover_150x225_zps2faf5b8d-1.jpg     Hot on the heels of the success of ‘A Spank in Time,’ the writers of Blushing Mischief have done it again. ‘The Spanks You Missed (Spank in Time 2)” is another collection of six sizzling historical spankers, designed to make you blush both above and below.
      ~ In “One Hard Rescue” – A private detective is asked to rescue a stubborn daughter from a mob hit with explosive results.
      ~ “The Soft Breeze of the Nile” – A high-ranking courtesan, bound unhappily to the Pharaoh, seeks solace in the arms of a palace architect.
       ~”When in Rome” – Where a slave girl uses blackmail to barter for her freedom, but the price her Roman Master asks is the pleasure of her body.
        ~”Subdued by the Knight” – A knight’s jealousy leads to sensual chastisement when he spots his lover kissing her official betrothed.
        ~”Spank and Deliver” – On the brink of starvation, a husband and wife team discovers that highway robbery can bring fresh sparks to their love life.
       ~”Painting Venus” – An artist, taunted by the model sitting for his masterpiece reminds her there is a price to pay before she gets the thing she wants.
         With tons of spanking and naughty antics galore, you will love this latest collection. “The Spanks You Missed,” don’t YOU miss it!


TOH photo thumb_2314_Thrill_of_the_Hunt_Thumb_zps0832dea3-1.jpg      Has your heart ever pounded in response to the chase? In the erotic collection, ‘The Thrill of the Hunt,’ the Blushing Mischief writers lure you towards the darker side of passion. Whether you’re for searching for love, or the magic of a moment, this rousing collection will leave you hot, panting and hunting for more. Prepare to be thrilled by a shape-shifting huntress, seeking relief from her pent-up feral energy, and enchanted by an enigmatic Asian girl with a secret only true love can reveal.
Your heart will ache for a desperate soul, searching for the music he lost along the way, and who could resist the one bite of passion concealed in a vampire’s kiss? Each story in this paranormal collection will leave your heart racing and will touch the desire inside you. Blushing Mischief presents: ‘Thrill of the Hunt.’ Don’t let this one get away.

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