The Spanks You Missed is now available on Amazon!


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A quick update about Blushing Mischief’s newest release, the sequel to A Spank In Time is now available on Amazon here: The Spanks You Missed

With our reader’s help, this installment climbed Blushing Books bestseller’s list and we hope that now that it’s on Amazon even more of you will try it out, if you have a second we would always appreciate a review as well!


New Release and upcoming news

Published by Blushing Books, written by Blushing Mischief, I hereby present to you:


A Spank in Time II: The Spanks You Missed

A sequel to A Spank in Time, A Spank in Time II is another anthology with stories from all the great authors in our group. The blurb is as follows:

Hot on the heels of the success of ‘A Spank in Time,’ the writers of Blushing Mischief have done it again. ‘The Spanks You Missed (Spank in Time 2)” is another collection of six sizzling historical spankers, designed to make you blush both above and below.

In “One Hard Rescue” – A private detective is asked to rescue a stubborn daughter from a mob hit with explosive results.

“The Soft Breeze of the Nile” – A high-ranking courtesan, bound unhappily to the Pharaoh, seeks solace in the arms of a palace architect.

“When in Rome” – Where a slave girl uses blackmail to barter for her freedom, but the price her Roman Master asks is the pleasure of her body.

“Subdued by the Knight” – A knight’s jealousy leads to sensual chastisement when he spots his lover kissing her official betrothed.

“Spank and Deliver” – On the brink of starvation, a husband and wife team discovers that highway robbery can bring fresh sparks to their love life.

“Painting Venus” – An artist, taunted by the model sitting for his masterpiece reminds her there is a price to pay before she gets the thing she wants.

With tons of spanking and naughty antics galore, you will love this latest collection. “The Spanks You Missed,” don’t YOU miss it!

A Spank in Time II: The Spanks You Missed

A Spank in Time: The original the started it all

The Thrill of the Hunt – For our paranormal lovers out there


So, give it a try, see what you like, check out the others, and in a few days I’ll be writing another post about a work-in-progress!


Tag You’re It! — One Hard Rescue


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I’m it! This is a fun game for authors because we rock. Being “IT” means that you share information about your “work in progress” also known as “WIP” The Rules 1.) Give credit (including a link) to the Author who tagged you. 2.)Play by the rules, therefore you most post the rules! 3.)You MUST answer all 10 questions (below) some are quite hard but do your best. 4.)List five other Authors with links at the end that you have “tagged” so that the game can continue.

The Link Back

I was tagged by the most awesome PJ Perryman, currently the author of Drench the Wench and Kiss of the Marquis and featured in other Blushing Mischief titles, Thrill of the Hunt and A Spank in time.

Q1.) What is the title or working title of your WIP?

One Hard Rescue

Q2.) What genres does your novel fall under?

Historical Erotica

Q3.) What actors (Dream Cast) would you choose to play the characters in a film version?

Sean Patrick Flannery as Theodore, one surly hired man for the Irish mob that just wants something in his day to go right.


Jennifer Lawrence as Sarah, naive but stubborn to a fault, still finding her place in the world but boy can she give a guy a hard time *winks*

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games Premiere

Q4.) What is the main outline for your book?

In mob-run Boston, all Theo has to do is bring home one woman but when she doesn’t want to be rescued, his job becomes far harder and more surprising than he likes.

Q5.) Will your book be Indie published/self published, or represented by an agency and sold to a traditional publisher?

My short will be published by Blushing Books in the upcoming anthology A Spank in Time II – The Spanks You Missed by the writing group Blushing Mischief.

Q6.) How long did it take you to write the first draft of the manuscript?

Because it was a short, only around 5k words, it only took a few weeks (with many interruptions!)

Q7.) What other books in this genre would you compare your book to?

Gosh, I don’t know! I suppose anything that has that troublesome damsel-in-distress-in-denial vibe to it.

Q8.) Who or what inspired you to write this book?

I thought a tale set in the 1920’s boston mob scene would be a fun time and for a hired man to have such troubles with a stubborn girl always makes for a good romp 😉

Q9.) What else about the book might pique readers’ attention?

Well, for me, what gets my attention is always the interactions between the characters so I would hope that I managed to put that in my stories as well. The sheer stubborness and trouble that our damsel gives our hero, all while he’s trying to save her and the patience of our hero and just what happens when that patience runs out.

Q10.) Five other Indie Authors you have tagged

I don’t really have anyone else to tag here! So I’m going to just recommend that you go and visit Sadie Dane and the rest of the Blushing Mischief crew in the list below.

The following authors are all the awesome writers of Blushing Mischief – each one contributed to the anthologies A Spank In Time and Thrill of the Hunt – both available on Blushing Books and at Amazon. A Spank in Time II – The Spanks You Missed will be released soon.

bm-logo_edited-4               detail_2314_Thrill_of_the_Hunt_Detail             Spank in Time Cover_edited-1

PJ Perryman

Sadie Dane

A T Quinn

Naughty Authorette

A C Masterson

New Naughty News!


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So while Blushing Mischief have been hard at work scribblng, typing and carving words onto any writing surface they can find, some news snuck up on us

What news? And why naughty?

Well, because, I can now present to you:


Our newest release, a paranormal erotica collection of stories came out today and is available from Blushing Books. So whether you’re looking for a strong, dark vampire, a beautiful shifter huntress, an asian beauty with a secret or a mysterious man lost in his memories, there’s something for everyone and we hope you’ll love them as much as we did.


BlushingBooks Interviews Blushing Mischief!

Hi everyone! 

Earlier this week, my fellow authors and I from Blushing Mischief were interviewed by our publisher, Blushing Books. To put a happy end to the week and find out a little about how we got together and how it is to try and publish an anthology with multiple authors, here’s the link: Interview with Blushing Mischief

We’ve had a lot of fun working together on this and our other side projects, hope you all have fun reading them!



Spankin’ New Interview with Patti Sparkles aka P.J. Perryman


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Hello everyone!

Today we have a wicked little treat, I have with me here P.J. Perryman, who some of you may know on Twitter as @PattiSparkles, wearer of the sparkly knickers. In honor of her latest release, “Drench the Wench,” I’ve interviewed her to let you all know a little more about the writer behind the naughtiness. *wink*

So P.J. the question on everyone’s mind, how exactly did those sparkly knickers get so amazingly sparkly?

I have a secret. It’s not my knickers that sparkle, it’s the naughtiness within. One day when I was in my late teens, I exposed myself and it was like a super nova blasting out of my down-belows. Like Superman I thought it best kept a secret, but at last the time has come…

Now that is an image to remember *smirk* What first gave you the idea to start all the fantastic stories in Drench the Wench?

Well, we all grew up with Harry Potter, of course, and I love, love, love renaissance fairs. Every time I’d pass the Drench The Wench tank I’d almost wet myself giggling at some of the comments those girls make. So I started with the first story and showed a friend. He thought my naughtiness was super wicked, and suggested I write some more for his publication. As it happened, Blushing Books came along and well, the rest was just magic.

How about your favorite character and why?

I’m in love with Whipgood. I can’t think about my darling gay harpy without smiling. That whole story was inspired by the thought of him descending on an abandoned theatre stage, all alone, reading naughty poetry to an empty house. I don’t think it’s the last we’ll hear about that naughty boy as he’s in my blood, and it’s true love.

Aw, he was lovely! I adored him when I read his story too. What do you think the hardest part about writing in this genre is?

Reinventing the sex, making it fun. I love my readers. I want them to be entertained, and if the sex gets stale, what then? They’ll be coming after me with pitchforks demanding ‘More perky sex!’

That’s definitely something we all want to avoid lol  

You also had a featured story in “A Spank in Time” released last month, tell our readers something about that one? And are there any other stories that will be floating around out there soon?

My story in ‘A Spank In Time,’ was ‘A Parisian Dance.’ At night when we close our eyes, we all see the man or woman of our fantasies. Enri represents the naughty man of my dreams. Strong, powerful, knows what he wants, perhaps a little insecure. In the story I mentioned his hands. Well-defined, manicured hands are a big thing for me – know what I’m saying? Wink.

And what, praytell, are the future goals and plans of P.J. Perryman so our readers can have something to look forward to?

I love to write. I love fantasy. Some writers talk about voices, but my characters dance in my head and tease me, goading me until I release them on paper. They are a big part of who I am and I love them.

Blushing Mischief will soon be releasing a new anthology titled, ‘The Thrill of the Hunt.’ I have two stories in that one, “Inari,” (which is a personal favorite,) and ‘Witches Book of the Dead.’ Blushing Books have asked me to turn ‘Witches Book of the Dead’ into a full-length novel and I’m working on that now. After that, possibly ‘Drench The Wench, Part 2.’ Whipgood’s already demanding another chance to dazzle, and my werewolf Moonstone will howl at the moon until he’s reunited with his love.

Anything else you’d like to shout out there to the internet?

I love you, Kit. The writing itself is a lone-wolf exercise. But there’s nothing so fabulous as the support of true friends. So I’d like my last shout to be for you, and for the lovely readers who read and enjoy my stories.


Aw *blushes* and that was an insight into a very special friend of mine, P.J. Perryman, a great writer of many naughty things, all tons of fun, all filled with major hotness. So with that in mind, I hope you’ll check out her latest release from Blushing Books, an anthology of her own creation full of characters you will fall in love with:


Now Available at Blushing Books and Amazon

News and Samples!


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Hey Ladies and Gents!

New news and happenings to report:

Blushing Mischief’s new release has made it into the top 30 on Blushing Books bestseller list for the past month! *pause for celebration, passes drinks*

Our anthology is also now available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Spank in Time Cover_edited-1

Now also, in celebration for all the good news, I’m posting the sample of my part of this book, “Rules of Engagement.”  Other samples can be found here.


Kinnon’s head hit the dirt. The pain was ringing between his ears, drowning out the noise of the battle around him. Any strength he had left to grip his weapon disappeared. The last thing he felt was the grass on his cheek before his vision went black and he slipped into unconsciousness.

The memory of that grass against his skin was replaced by the feeling of someone’s hand slapping his face.

“C’mon, you brute. Wake up!”

The urge to fall asleep again almost sucked Kinnon back down until another slap woke him up again. He grunted, turning his head slightly, if only to dodge another slap before it happened.

“That’s it, open your eyes. You’ve been out for days.”

Kinnon frowned but tried to force his eyes to open, if only to find who was hitting him and make their life extremely short. The hazy blur he saw was enough to make him shut them tight again as his stomach lurched.

“Keep still. You got a nasty crack on your head and you need to rest.”

That much Kinnon understood. He’d seen plenty of head wounds in the past, so he knew the normal instructions for handling such things. But who had found him? He tried to remember and found the details fuzzy, making him struggle with them. There had been a battle. He’d been wounded and had fallen on the field. But there weren’t any settlements near the battlefield, were there?


So who dare give several sharp smacks and wake a wounded Highlander?   And what about the story of timeless Paris?  Maybe a tale right out of the military or the story of one new bride? A serving girl and aristocrat, or maybe just the troubles with a life of luxury?

No matter which story interests you, we of Blushing Mischief guarantee you a spanking good time *wink*


A Spank In Time release day! Character Interviews – Vanora and Kinnon


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In honor of Blushing Mischief’s ‘A Spank In Time’s’  release day, we thought we would give you a little look into just who you’ll find within it’s pages of delight. 

Without wasting a moment, I’ll let Vanora and Kinnon speak for themselves from their own home, enjoy!


Vanora: First question, Kinnon. What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Kinnon: *smirks* My sword of course, isn’t she a beauty?

Vanora: *ignoring the smirk* What is your most marked characteristic?

Kinnon: Why, my big-

Vanora: Kinnon!

Kinnon: What? I was going to say muscles. Gods, what a mind you have.

Vanora: Uh-huh. And your greatest regret?

Kinnon: Hmm, haven’t run into it yet.

Vanora: Which talent would you most like to have?

Kinnon: Talent? I have many talents, but I think I would most like to cook. You know those fancy meals you can get in the pubs? Yes, definitely cooking.

Vanora: *mumbling* Of course, a talent with your stomach. And the quality you most like in a man?

Kinnon: Strength. Of will, of heart, of muscle, any of them will make them a good brother-in-arms.

Vanora: Okay, and in a woman?

Kinnon: The same…and a nice, round-

Vanora: Kinnon! Really, you big brute, can you not behave for a moment in time?

Kinnon: Fine, fine, what else?

Vanora: What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

Kinnon: My apparent inability to withstand blows to the head. Now THAT would be a talent to have. 

Vanora: I hate to ask this one, but what do you consider the most overrated virtue?

Kinnon: A lot of virtues are overrated, pride for one, can get you killed more often than not.

Vanora: Alright then, on what occasions do you lie?

Kinnon: When the truth can get me killed or worse.

Vanora: Last one, if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Kinnon: I’m really considering that cooking talent, but for now *scoops up Vanora, holding her to him* Now, since I played nice and answered all your questions-

Vanora: Nice…is that what you call it?

Kinnon: Yes, I do. Now it’s time for us to have an interview, in private. No questions.

Vanora: *waves as Kinnon kicks the door shut*


*ahem* And that is the end of our moment with the people from Rules of  Engagement, just one tale in this fantastic collection.

To find out more about the stories in this hot and gorgeous anthology, follow the links below for more interviews from my fellow Blushing Mischief authors:

P.J. Perryman          A.C. Masterson         A.T Quinn

Jill Glass                 Sadie Dane                  Sara Peal

And without further ado, published by Blushing Books and written by Blushing Mischief’s group of talented authors, we present to you, A Spank In Time.

Spank in Time Cover_edited-1

Now available at Blushing Books.

Good News! —Cover Reveal—


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And now for the fantastic news you’ve been waiting for:

Spank in Time Cover_edited-1

The above is our cover reveal for Blushing Mischief’s ‘A Spank In Time’ from Blushing Books.

It’s coming out Saturday, Jan 19, 2013 and has some of the hottest spanking erotica on the market. It’s full of contributions from many great authors and I’m honored to be included. You’ll find links and twitter names to my fellow Blushing Mischief writers on the left, jacket details to follow…

So be sure to come back for the live links on Jan 19th, you’ll be glad you did!


New Year bringing New Things!



Hi to all that visits this little blog!

For the longest time I haven’t had anything to post here (though I probably should have flashed something here *wink* ) but that’s all in the past now.

All the work done near the end of 2012 has paid off and there’ll be naughty – and fun – news to post here very soon!

I won’t say exact details yet, to leave the surprise our dirty little secret, but it’ll be revealed in good time and with several others that you  may be interested in as well.  More the merrier is always a good thing 😉

For now it’s time to celebrate what the new year brings and any new friends and loves we make and look forward to what’s coming in 2013, it looks to be a nice little year if January is any indication. So follow here, follow my fellow author’s blogs over to the side and feel free to latch onto our Twitters for up to date news or just for fun.

Wishing you all as good and yummy of a new year as we’re looking forward to!